Why is Membership Important?
Membership dues help provide operating costs for the club, but also help fund several events like Muster, Feed the Ross Volunteers at the Go Texan Parade, Back to School Picnic. Without paying members the club would not have enough funds to organize and host these events.


  • An Annual Membership is $25 per household.

  • A Lifetime Membership is a one time $250 per household.

Interested in becoming a member?

What does my membership get me?

  • Reduced admission at MUSTER
  • Free admission/food at annual Back-to-School Picnic
  • Free tailgate parties for some Aggie home games
  • Reduced cost for other club events
  • Networking with other area Aggie professionals
  • Help cover administrative costs for club (like this website)
  • Membership periods are Muster to Muster each year

For more information email