Montgomery County A&M Club Muster 2020 & Golf Tournament

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Montgomery County Aggies invite ALL Aggies, everywhere, to ‘Muster Live’ on April 21, 2020

6:51 a.m. CDT Association of Former Students’ Worldwide Roll Call for the Absent (replayable throughout the day)

7:00 p.m. Student-run campus Muster starts (also replayable)

The Association continues to encourage Aggies and family members of former students to submit the names of their loved ones so they can be included in the global roll call. Participants will be able to answer ‘HERE’ virtually for their fallen comrades and contribute memories and even photos to an online Reflections Display in honor of the Aggies lost since last Muster.

To add a name or learn more, go to

  • Scholarship Winners:  We will have a special ceremony later in the year for those winners so they can be properly recognized for their achievements. 
  • Montgomery County A&M Club Membership:  Traditionally April 21st of each year is when club membership dues need to be paid.  If we do not host a Muster this year, that will have a negative effect on the dues received for the club.  We ask that you pay your dues online by clicking the following link. Towards the bottom is the button to pay for your membership for this year.  Please be sure to pay regardless if you can attend our Muster or not.  



Adam Koch 

Montgomery County A&M Club Muster Chairman



Yearly membership dues per family $25.00

Aggie Muster is a time-honored tradition at Texas A&M University which celebrates the camaraderie of the school while remembering the lives of Aggies who have died, specifically those in the past year. Muster officially began on April 21, 1903 as a day for remembrance of fellow Aggies.

If you would like to know more about the Muster tradition and how it came to be check out the Aggie Network’s website here to learn more.

Our Speaker will be a surprise presentation.

Also to help speed up the check-in process you can go ahead and register and pay right down below.