Montgomery County A&M Club Muster 2020 & Golf Tournament

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We want to give you all a quick status update of where we are regarding the Montgomery County A&M Club Muster and Golf Tournament for this year.  Many of you have already learned the Main Campus Muster has been canceled and will be replaced by a Virtual Ceremony. The Association, however, has given their blessing for us to continue with our plans assuming it is deemed safe.  With that in mind, we still intend to hold our Muster as planned on April 21st, 2020 BUT plans can change.   A final decision will be made on April 1st with hope that the fallout from the Virus has been reduced and normalcy, to a degree, has resumed.    We have been in communication with the folks who operate the venue as well as other local authorities and they all give me the same answer.  “We just don’t know.”

With that in mind, the threat of the virus to those with compromised immune systems will not be over by that time.  If we continue as planned, we urge those in our community that are at greater risk to stay home. We plan to live stream this year’s Muster so you would be able to watch and perhaps even participate in Roll Call.

The Golf Tournament that is to be held on April 13th is still scheduled to occur BUT that too will be evaluated by April 1st.


A few items of note IF The Montgomery County A&M Club Muster is canceled:  

  • Scholarship Winners:  We will have a special ceremony later in the year for those winners so they can be properly recognized for their achievements. 



  • Montgomery County A&M Club Membership:  Traditionally April 21st of each year is when club membership dues need to be paid.  If we do not host a Muster this year, that will have a negative effect on the dues received for the club.  We ask that you pay your dues online by clicking the following link. Towards the bottom is the button to pay for your membership for this year.  Please be sure to pay regardless if you can attend our Muster or not.  


  • Muster Tickets:  I understand if you want to wait to see if our Muster will take place before purchasing your tickets.  That said, it is very important to reserve your spot now. If we do continue as planned, it is possible there will be a cap on the number of attendees we can accommodate either due to venue size, or more likely, due to municipal restrictions.   In the event our Muster is canceled, which will be determined on April 1st, we will issue you a full refund of the tickets purchased.   

However, one wise member made a suggestion that we like very much.  He asked that if our Muster is indeed canceled, the money paid for the ticket be donated to The Montgomery County A&M Scholarship Fund in lieu of issuing a refund.  We would like to offer the same for all that that have already purchased or plan to purchase a ticket. If you would like to take this option and have you ticket proceeds donated instead or refunded, please email and let him know.   If I do not receive any instructions, we will assume you wanted a refund of the ticket purchase which will be proceed after April 1st, 2020.


Please know that any decision made regarding the Montgomery County A&M Club Muster will have been debated and discussed by the Muster committee with the best intentions for the sanctity of Aggie Muster and the safety of those who would attend.  A decision to proceed or cancel will not be made lightly. If you have any questions or concerns at all, please do not hesitate to call or email our Muster chairman Adam Koch at any time.  

You can also get up to date information any time wither on our website of Facebook page Link are below:



Adam Koch 

Montgomery County A&M Club Muster Chairman



Yearly membership dues per family $25.00

Aggie Muster is a time-honored tradition at Texas A&M University which celebrates the camaraderie of the school while remembering the lives of Aggies who have died, specifically those in the past year. Muster officially began on April 21, 1903 as a day for remembrance of fellow Aggies.

If you would like to know more about the Muster tradition and how it came to be check out the Aggie Network’s website here to learn more.

Our Speaker will be a surprise presentation.

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